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You are the sibling of Guinevere. Yes, that one - the one married to King Arthur of Camelot. But you are not loved like your sister. While she has only ever been kind toward you (under false pretenses), the rest of your family and those at your family’s court have not. 

For you have only ever lived in her shadow… 

When your father disowns you and throws you out, your sister invites you to Camelot. But you soon realize that Camelot is not the sanctuary you believed, as war is brewing with the Saxons. 

What role will you play? A warrior, diplomat, or spy? Or, perhaps, you only want to survive. 

While in Camelot, you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships with various characters and decide how the war plays out.

Content Warning: This game will be rated 18+ for violence, mature language, death, optional sexual content, and possibly other things I haven't added yet. Engage at your own discretion. 

Currently planned features (subject to change):

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary, cis or trans;
  • Choose appearance, pronouns, your personal creed and your magic type;
  • Choose the reason your father disowns you;
  • Build relationships with various characters (platonic, romantic, familial). Or break relationships...
  • Decide whether you want to be a warrior, diplomat, or spy. Whether you care about your duties or only appear to care will be up to you.

Demo will release in 2023. 

The following characters can be romanced, befriended, or ???

Arthur Pendragon - The King

27 years old | he/him | male 

Arthur is your sister’s husband and the King of Camelot. He’s intelligent and protective of those he cares for. But he’s wary of most and getting close to him is not easy. He has to make some tough decisions. Will you encourage brutality to protect Camelot or insist there’s another way?

Lancelot du Lac - The Revered Knight

29 years old | he/him | male

Lancelot is a revered Knight of the Round Table and a dear friend to Arthur. He is fiercely loyal to Arthur and Camelot. This one has a temper and is ready and willing to drive his sword into those who would stand in Arthur’s way.

Merlin Emrys - The Court Enchanter

30 years old | xe/xem | non-binary

Merlin is the court enchanter. Sometimes a mentor to Morgana, other times their rival. Depends on the day. Xe prefers studying the arcane as opposed to dinner parties and dances.

Kay Ectorius - The Saxon Knight

24 years old | she/her | female

Kay is a friend to Arthur and a Knight of the round table. Although born a Saxon, she has long severed ties to her old life and considers Camelot and its court her home. She looks up to Lancelot and hopes to prove her abilities and dedication in a similar fashion.

Morgana le Fay - The Enchantress

23 years old | she/they | female

Morgana is Arthur’s half-sister and also the lover of Queen Guinevere, your sister. They are a powerful enchantress focused on keeping Camelot and those they care for safe.

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When's the demo?


it’s being worked on, slowly. My primary focus is finishing chapter 2 of my main game. 


not me wanting to steal morgana from what i see the sister a little too greedy

Looking forward to this!

Soooo just want make sure can you romance Arther >w>? Since your Sister got a lover?


yes, you can romance Arthur! 


WOOHOO \o/!! Thank yoouuuu!! <3

YESH! Arthur is mine! <3

I'm excited for this!


I return here every day to experience the thrill, I'm so excited for it's release!!


I can't wait to see what spells Morgana is gonna cast when she is jealous- and Lancelot sounds like one of those rude to everyone but sweet to you kinda guys 


Very interesting summary so far :). I cant wait to see what the game will be like.


Thank you for your interest. Can't wait for you to play :)

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Merlin being nonbinary in this is EVERYTHING to me Thank you <3 if Xe is romanceable regardless Im excited, I cant wait <3 (yeesh I didnt expect transphobia in here 5 people need to chill out)


Yes, xe is romanceable! Thanks for your interest - can’t wait for you to play. 


I just finished up the demo of "The Bastard of Camelot"- I am so excited for this

I love The Bastard of Camelot! there are so many great Arthurian WIPs


There really are- I think I played all the ones I could find multiple times lol

honestly same. it's an addiction

The best kind of addiction 


Goddamn~ Guinevere has got it going on, Arthur and Morgana. Arthur is about to be snatched-

But seriously I'm really excited for this twist to the tale.


HAHA! be careful her claws are sharp


I, too, shall be snatching her mans ÒvÓ

I cannot wait!! The story sounds really interesting! <3

Thank you! I hope it will be a fresh take on some amazing legends.

This looks so good 😭 ✨

Can't wait to play itttt!!

Thank you!! I hope you will enjoy the demo when it drops 💙

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I will definitely enjoy it, there's no doubt about that 🫡😌

It looks interesting, I'm excited to play when it's uploaded.

Thank you. 💙