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Haha that was absolutely beautiful and was very well-written, I cried at the start and end, it hit me harddddd

Aw! I feel sadistic but I wanted it to be emotional so I’m happy it had that affect. Thank you for taking the time to give it a play 💕

Well, I did cry a lot reading it. Thank you for sharing ! It was a really emotional story.

oh wow! Thank you so much for giving it a read. <3

Side project I assume?

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Yes, just something I put together for a game jam. I just updated it today as there was coding error with some pronouns. 



hope this means you liked it and not that you hated it lol <3


lol I think I must have fallen asleep while reading it! But yes I enjoyed it very much!

Haha! Well, thank you very much for playing it :D I hope you have a great day / night!